The joy of living

To be joyful, glad and happy is surely something that everyone wants to experience. It is for this reason we should investigate what makes a person feel joyful and happy. It is true that feelings of happiness may come and go as events in our life change and unfold. We feel happy when we fulfil a goal or acquire something that we have been desiring for some time. We feel happy when we are around friends and family who’s company we enjoy or when we find a partner that we can share our time with. We feel happy when we have financial abundance to live life comfortably and buy all the niceties that modern consumerism offers. 

In our present social environment we can not deny that the joy of life comes from the quality of our relationships we share with people and the comforts that we experience in material life. However, we should also remember that we share a very important relationship with ourselves. For this reason we should realise that happiness also depends on the active process of being present in our life as we live consciously through our daily experiences that are actually responsible for bringing about our daily and long term goals that help make life more comfortable and meaningful. 

It is this act of being present in each moment of our life that allows us to realise what is actually important for creating the joy and happiness that is real.

The act of being present, allows us to realise and become conscious of our own patterns of internal dialogue and emotional behaviour that are responsible for our feelings of being joyful and happy. When this happens we start to realise that we are our own creators and that we have the power to change our habitual thoughts and emotions.

The act of being, needs to be accompanied by the act of doing. The two need to be in harmony with each otter. For without the act of doing life we will feel frustrated, lonely, and unaccomplished. While the act of not being present while doing life will cause us to make the wrong decisions and react in ways that produce outcomes associated with pain and suffering. 

It is for this reason this that we should train ourselves to become more present in each moment of our waking life so that we can live and respond in ways that will produce harmony in all aspects of our life.

The entire Soul Life Website presents ideas and exercises through mediations that will allow us to become more present in our life by being more consciously involved in the creative process of perceiving, receiving and reacting to our unique individual experiences.

We realise that joy, is an active process and not a destination. We create joy and happiness by the way we perceive our life, how we react to what is happening in our life and by creating new patterns of thought as we erase the thought energies that no longer serve the purpose of bringing us joy and happiness.

The Joy of Living Meditation will allow you to visualise and create a new memory of joy and happiness in your subconscious mind as you practice the easy-to-follow audio meditative exercise of visualisation and feeling-creation of inner joy and bliss. The daily practice of the Joy of Living Meditation will over time dissolve away unwanted unwanted feelings of sadness and unhappiness, that will be replaced with  gratitude, contentment and joy.

The Joy of Living Meditation can be practiced on it’s own or in conjunction with any of the other Soul Life Meditations.