Progressive Relaxation

The importance of relaxation exercises for the purpose of becoming and being a more relaxed person should be intelligently discussed because of the profound effects it will have on our; physical health, mental and emotional well-being, and our personality.  

Awareness of our physical body, which includes; becoming conscious of breathing, posture, muscle tension, and body movement is the first step in becoming a more relaxed person. For example, take a minute to notice your shoulders, and you will soon realise how the simple act of becoming aware, enables you to become more sensitive to knowing your body and how you feel within that part of your body. It is not favourable to hold onto muscular tension as prolonged muscle tightness will cause poor blood circulation, a pressurised circulatory system and  pressure on the heart that will over time result in high blood pressure. 

When one is feeling stressed and anxious for long periods of time, physical tension will begin to build up in various parts of the body. One of the first places that day-to-day mis-managed stress effects is the neck and shoulder region, which causes muscles tightness and poor blood circulation in that area, often being the cause of headaches in one form or another. When we are not aware of our body , and we are caught up in the drama of a mis-managed situation, our breathing patterns are often effected, resulting in short shallow breathes that has many ill-effects on our physical and mental health.

An entire book could be written about the positive effects of being a relaxed person, as well as the negative effects of feeling tense and stressed. The simple truth however is that when we are relaxed, which ultimately means being more aware, allows one stay physically and emotionally healthier and confident. While the opposite feelings of tension and stress produce the effects of ill-health, reduced self-confidence and emotional instability that results in the lack of ability to control one’s own life.

It is for these very important reasons that exercises that teach us how to manage the stress of life on physical and emotional levels are will prove to be extremely valuable. As we become more masterful at being relaxed under all conditions we begin to realise that life does not have to be stressful and complicated as we discover that this is all self-created, and by creating an internal atmosphere of calmness, peace and harmony within ourselves, our outward experiences will begin to reflect that which we give out.

The following guided meditation, “Progressive Relaxation” has been developed over 16 years by the author and speaker. His hypnotic voice and relaxing articulation will progressively guide you through your entire body, and as you become more aware of your muscles, joints and breathing, you will calm into deeper and deeper level of  relaxation. 

The prolonged effects of regularly practicing the Progressive Relaxation guided meditation will allow you to manage your life in a calmer and more controlled manner. You will begin to find that you will sleep better at night , feel physically healthier and emotionally calmer. 

Practice the Progressive Relaxation laying down on your bed or in a comfortable upright seated position. The meditation can be practiced as an exercise on its’ own or in conjugation with any of the other Soul Life Meditations.